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Time Lapse Allium obliquum

A obliquum TL
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Siberian garlic  (Allium obliquum) is found in Central and Southwest Asia. The plant has been given this name because it can withstand low temperatures and frost. The plants are also resistant to many diseases, unlike regular garlic. Additionally, this garlic is milder and less pungent than regular garlic.

The name "obliquum" is derived from the Latin word "obliquus," which means "slanting" or "tilted." This refers to the slanted position of the flower stems and flower heads. They do not grow straight up like many other Allium species but are somewhat slanted or twisted.

The slender plants grow to be 60-100 cm tall and bloom in May and June. They form an attractive round flower cluster of 5-7 cm with small green-yellow flowers. The long white stamens with yellow anthers shoot out, as it were, from the pale yellow flowers. The whole is surrounded by a soft green haze.

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